why mccormick ranch?

Living in McCormick Ranch is a dream that started with my parents back in the 1970s.

After they got married in 1975, they would drive north on Hayden Road on Sunday afternoons and imagine their lives living in McCormick Ranch (usually, while listening to the song “Groovin” by the Little Rascals).

There was a sense of magic about owning a home in McCormick Ranch and 40+ years later, that magic still exists.

When I got into real estate, there was no doubt in my mind where I wanted my “niche” to be. When the morning commute consists of riding your bike to school with the kids and everybody knows everybody’s dog’s name, there’s just no better place to be.

Of course my ultimate goal is to be here for ALL your real estate needs whether in McCormick Ranch or other areas of the Scottsdale/Phoenix valley. My priority as your real estate agent is understanding your needs, and helping you make the smartest decisions for you.

Wherever and whatever your dream home is, I want my clients to have that same moment my parents did, where you finally get to buy the home of your dreams and we can all celebrate a lifetime of memories that is waiting for you!

My favorite thing about living in McCormick Ranch is…

The pretty trees and grass… Great upkeep on landscaping and homes


The People, neighbors!


The people and the beauty that surrounds us!! 💞


The greenbelt and great places to eat and shop nearby!


It’s a little slice of heaven 🙏🏻❤️


Mountain View Park! & the connected greenbelts.


Great community, landscaping, and access to good businesses.


Location, location, location!


Driving down McCormick Parkway is my happy place. 😊


Contact Alli


Alli Roth


Cell: 480-707-8347

10607 N Hayden Road Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Welcome to Our Neighborhood! Stay in the loop with the amazing people, places, and furry friends that make life in McCormick Ranch so great!