Hi friends! It’s the season of giving and if you have awesome neighbors like we do here in McCormick Ranch, you will definitely be needing a Christmas neighbor gift idea this holiday season.

Typically I just stick to delivering homemade treats (because who doesn’t love sugar) but this year I tried to make our gift a little more meaningful and something that will last longer than five minutes after you drop it off in a house full of kids.

That’s where this ornament decorating kit idea came from! I love the idea of gifts that keep on giving and these ornaments will turn into memories that can last for years on your Christmas tree.

A quick trip to our local craft store (who else hangs out at Pavillions every week?) is all you need for this project and it’s super easy to put together! Let’s get started.


— White gift box

— Unfinished ornaments

— Paint

— Paint pods

— Paint brushes

— Pom poms & glitter

— Glue

— Tags (free download, click here)


Head to one of our local craft stores (I got these at Michaels but Hobby Lobby would work too!) and choose which ornaments to include in the box. Make sure you have at least one for each family member or child. As a special touch, you could have your kids sign the back of the ornaments so your neighbors always remember who they got these ornaments from. If you’re like my family, every ornament has a story and this way it makes it easier to remember where it came from!

Next, it’s just about filling the box with the right decorating tools. Since I already have a lot of craft paint, I just bought these clear plastic pods and filled them with various colored paints. I also included paint brushes and glue, glitter and pom poms.

These are all items that can be a bit messy, but hopefully your neighbor likes crafts like you do and she’ll forgive you and appreciate the fun family memories they’re making instead. Fingers crossed!

Finally you can add a tag with some ribbon to give it that personalized touch. Download your free tags here!

I love this idea because not only will the kids (and adults if you want) have fun decorating but they’ll love displaying and seeing their ornaments hanging on the tree every year. Now whether you’re neighbors for a short time or a lifetime, you’ll always have those memories!